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You get VIP Status by paying a monthly fee. The best thing is that you will receive rather many crystals for this price, 300 upfront and then 40 per day – in total 1 500 during one month.

You also get some discount on purchases, the possibility to use an extra overdrive per flight, and one free revive per day.

When also purchasing crystals, you will achieve higher VIP, like VIP 2, VIP 3, etc, which all bring som small perks. If you do this, and you pay the monthly fee as well, there are some more perks.

We say it is worth paying the monthly. But that is of course completely up to you, and it should be stressed that the game if very enjoyable also without paying a single cent.

11 thoughts on “VIP Status”

    1. I don’t know. If you have VIP 7, you can see how many more crystals you need to buy yo get VIP 8, if you click on the + on top right of the home screen.

  1. Can someone please help. I dont seem to be progressing in the game! Im at stage 180 and says to be continued????

  2. The title seems slight error you say VIP but you most likely mean premuim which you get the perks of at VIP 8 after buying enough gems (ik this could be something that slipped by) also I would like to know (if you know that ofc) how many gems do you need to buy to go from VIP 2 to 8 thanks in advance 😀

    1. No, I do not know how many crystals it takes to reach VIP8. However, now at intervals there comes offers to buy crystals (large packs) att lower price.

    1. Yeah, good q. Will try to figure this out. But it is not straightforward. If you buy on discount, different packages, etc, it gets complicated. Several 100 USD I would guess though. At least a couple…

  3. I made a purchase that gave me a vip2 status, however I can not purchase the plane I want. Is there something you can do?

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