Eagle (V)

Initial Rank: S
Price: 1 million credits or 2 800 crystals (or 1 680 on sale)
Requirements: Complete Heroic 110.

Main Gun: .
Level 80: ?
Level 100: 420
Level 140: 529

Overdrive: Liberty Blast – Strongest single point overdrive in the entire game: fires a straight ray or beam of very high power. Some bosses are killed instantly. Distinct delay before overdrive kicks in. Invincibility is instantaneous though.
Invincible during overdrive.
Level 80: ?
Level 100: 1 221
Level 140: 1 648

Level 80: ?
Level 100: 2 264
Level 140: 2 888

Unstable Amplifier: Increase power and overdrive by 10 %, if armor is above 50 %.
Prototype Repair Module: Restore 20 armor points every 5 seconds while armor is between 10 % and 50 %.
Empowerment (Rank S): After receiving 400 damage, increases firepower for three seconds and also invincible.
Prototype Repair Module (Rank SS): Restore 40 armor points every 5 seconds while armor is between 10 % and 50 %.

The overdrive. The Overdrive. THE OVERDRIVE.

Well, the thing about Eagle is it’s overdrive. It is very useful against bosses like number 90, number 100, and especially number 110, which it kind of just slices in two.

Apart from that it is neither extremely good, nor extremely bad. You might want to increase armor, with an armor bot, as it does not carry so much armor itself. If you do runs and do not want to use the overdrive, some other plane would be recommended. Long runs like arcade is not recommended. Assault on the other hand is possibly easiest run through on one plane with Eagle – as long as you are prepared to use overdrive against the bosses, and you have decent screen clearing brobots.

Did we mention Eagle’s fantastic overdrive?

In action:


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