Legatus (V)

Initial Rank: S

Quality: Reload Speed
Level 100: 838

Special Power: Decimator – Fires three flame waves traveling across the screen. Kills all non-aces, and does good damage to aces.
Level 100: 1 472

Rank A Ability: Creates an impenetrable shield that lasts 6 seconds, every 35 seconds. This is the same temporary shield that you sometimes can pick up for free, with a little shield symbol, that will count down in upper corner..

Rank S Ability: Upon losing 300 armor, power is increased by 100% for 6 seconds.

One of the best allround brobots, especially among the speedbots. The reload is rather slow, but still ok. It is easy to like Legatus, even if it is not quite as good as it is sometimes rumored to be.
Paired with any of Nayad, Nicolas XXS or Scarab, and you can win almost anything only depending on the brobots.
Pair it with Menace and you can hit the “Special Button” for one of the two brobots almost continuously.

In action:
Level 160 Badger
Laserbite SS 140
Legatus S 100
Scarab SS 101

3 thoughts on “Legatus (V)”

  1. Unfortunately, they weakened Legatus preety bad, when it comes to the inpenetrable shield ability.
    -the shield lasts now only 3,5 seconds (at ranks S, I don’t know the duration yet at SS rank) and recharges in 33 seconds.
    -no more destroys small ground targets on impact, only the air lesser enemies, and not as fast like in the past.
    Legatus is my favorite brobot, but unfortunately, the latest changes made him weaker.

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