Kraken (V)

Initial Rank: ?

Level 100: ?

Special Power: Plasma Veil – Surrounds the plane with rotating plasma balls or something. Badly hurts anything it touches.
Level 100: ?

Rank A Ability: Once a mission neutralizes lethal damage, restoring 20% armor.

Rank S Ability: Power +13%.

Try to get Kraken to A pretty quickly, as the passive ability is very good on patrol missions. Team Kraken with Phoenix, and you have two revives. Or three if you also bring Scarab. Also consider that after a verdium revive, you will not have the same plane, but the brobots stay the same, meaning you will have two additional lives after the verdium revive (if you have Kraken and Scarab).
Also good is the fast reload, and that it deals a lot of damage. Downside is that you have to get really close.

In action:

2 thoughts on “Kraken (V)”

  1. Kraken is damn powerful indeed. I just got it against my usual Left bot : Scarab/Hazard/Menace/Hornet, all in SS coupled with Legatus SS. Kraken is only lvl 30 for the moment but it is already ultra convincing. And the fact that you have to get close isn’t at all an issue as it protects you against basically anything except if you really hover over an ennemy. Really looking forward for upgrading it. Great Brobot !

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