Updated August 2018
Several new courses have been added the last couple of months. The below text is updated with this.

There are six trial courses, which can be attempted an infinite number of times during a day, but once you have completed one of the courses, you cannot revisit it until the following day. The courses are automatically reset every day.

Each course can every day give you a reward of a number of medals, starting at 170 for the first course. The medals can be used in the Medals shop.

The six courses are plane specific, but the planes change every day. If you do not have the plane required, you can not play that certain course. You can play solo, invite a friend or a random player, and be invited yourself.

As of update 1.6.0 it will always cost 5 Verdium to play, and you are not longer allowed to bring any brobots, making the Trials much harder to beat.

The six courses are selected from this list:

  • Save 6 Cows A number of cows are located throughout the course. Hover over them to save them.
  • Asteroid Field Protect a ship from missiles, space crafts and asteroids.
  • Road Warrior Fly at low altitude battling cars on a highway. You are only able to move from right to left.
  • Overcome all Obstacles You will fly through a course with obstacles and enemies at high speed.
  • Don’t let any Enemies Break Through Or rather let max 7 pass. This is a rather standard wave of enemies.
  • Break Through a Maze This is very much like the patrol missions, only you can fire your guns and there are enemies attacking you.
  • Defeat Enemies to Gain Time Here you not only have to stay alive. Also you have a clock ticking down.
  • Avoid the Blades Fly through a course with a lot of dangerous sawblades, a bit like Buzzsaws.
  • Color Matching In this course you can charge your ship with a certain color. Doing this, you will be able to fly through some obstacles.
  • Defeat Three Enemies This is one of the toughest challenges in the entire game, especially if the plane is one which you haven’t evolved much. You will meet Gunhead, Red Queen and a very tough Doom.
    The larger airplane in the final wave before Doom drops an overdrive.
    You will almost certainly have to play it with a companion. If you are willing to use overdrives, save all for the final boss.

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