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  1. is always pretty secretive about next update. They’ve been pretty steady with one update per month lately, so my guess is anytime soon.

  2. I was wondering: each level provides you with 3 overdrive uses. What happens to them (and those you pick up) if you do not use them in that level? Thanks!

    1. You have an inventory, and when engaging a level, you can bring 3 overdrives (or 5 or 7 if you pay for VIP). If you do not use them, they return to the inventory after you finish/quit the level.
      And overdrives that you pick up while playing a level, can only be used while playing that particular round, if not used, they are lost.

  3. I have blitzer already lvl200.. but i still get rewards of it in every heroic i finished.. how to set up to get a different plane in heroic stages??

  4. Question
    Why with the last update did you just set the overdrives only to 2 overdrives instead of 5 overdrives or set it to who ever has a VIP level
    is their anything that can be done about that cause I liked it the other way .

  5. Are you ever going to add new stages or you are simply just entertaining just newcomers and those who have supported you from the day one are used up old news…..

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