Different Kinds of Devices

There are three different kinds of devices:

  • Generator: Affects power of the overdrive.
  • Armor: Obviously it this betters your armor.
  • Scope/Sight: This increases the power of the planes main gun.

Also take care to note that in addition, green, blue and purple devices, have an ability, much like planes and brobots.

Then different kinds of devices, are ranked and leveled in several different ways.

In increasing scale: grey, green, blue, purple, with purple being the best/strongest. Each color correspond to the same rank and color of planes and brobots: Grey is C, green is B, blue is A, and purple is S.

Every device is ranked level I, II, III, IV or V. Level V is the best.

Finally, every device get stars. Grey, green and blue devices can have 0 to 4 stars. Purple can have 0 to 5 stars.

Relationship between the different system
We are not completely sure, but we think the hierarchy is Level – Color/Rank – Stars. A Level 4 Grey with no stars, would be stronger than a Level 3, Purple with 5 stars. Not completely sure though – as mentioned below, the level system is unclear to us.

Our advice is to not combine devices of different levels, unless you feel totally lucky. It seems combining devices of different levels will produce new devices where the level is random. E.g. combining level I devices with level V devices, can produce devices of either level I or level V, so you might end up actually destroying level V devices. Not nice.

The descriptions following, will all concern only development of devices of the same level, so Level IV devices will only be used with other Level IV devices, etc.



10 thoughts on “Different Kinds of Devices”

  1. highest level devices is level VI?
    is this correct?after new update..i had level VI shield..i dont know.where i have it..i think from box during the game.too bad..i combine it with level V devices..and the result is..level V ordinary devices…but after that..i buy from containers..and i never have level VI devices again..it make me curious..i hope you can give an answer..thanks..btw it’s a great game..i like it😁

  2. Correct, hawkfreedomsquadron.com is not updated with latest level of devices, which is VI. I’ve not taken the trouble to level up my devices, but play level V devices still.
    But anyway – do not combine devices of different levels. To evolve VI devices in Black Box, only use devices already of level VI.
    You should get only level VI devices after passing a certain level in the game – though I do not remember which level that is.

        1. Likely a lot. But it is possible to do this by grinding a lot of credits, buy containers en masse, and combine wisely in Black Box.

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