Level 150 Rapier

What a disappointment! Neither Level 140, nor Level 150, featured the wonderful long boss fights of Level 100 and Level 120. We soooo much hoped that Level 150 would be something like it.

Now it is a boss fight very much like Level 130. Just keep hammering.

Gambit is wonderful here, with her lasers bouncing around beautifully. If you want to spend overdrives.

Scarab is very good, lobbing bombs right into the heart of Rapier.

Legatus is, as always, very good.

Just keep hammering…

Video Level 150 Heroic
Gambit SS Scarab S Legatus S

Level 150 Normal
Gambit SS Scarab S Legatus S

Level 150 Easy
Avenger 50 A + Laserbite SS
Scarab S Legatus S