Old Assault – Removed

This Assault game mode is removed from the game.

The page is only kept as reference.



Assault is the best source to farm crystals for free. You will also gain credits and brobot cards.

Video of Stage I with Blitzer S, Legatus S, and Nicola XXS S:

Video of Stage V with Sparrow A, Legatus S, and Nicola XXS S:

First of all:
Important Note on Devices while in Assault
Please read this important information on why your devices often are not available in blackbox.

Create Squad
You can select up to six planes to include in your squad. You will then play the planes in order – i.e. when the first of your planes is downed, the second will be the active. However, this seems a bit bugged. Especially Laserbite seems to be selected between the levels.
The brobots and devices you are bringing, are the ones selected when you hit “Save Squad”.
Once you press “Save Squad”, nothing can be changed with the planes, brobots or devices. No upgrades made to these, will affect the performance of the planes etc.

Reseting the Squad
Assault cycles over three days.
Day 1 – 2) You can create a squad, and play through the entire assault ones. If you have previously, the squad is automatically reset.
Day 3) You can reset the squad twice, paying 5 000 credits each time.
Then it starts over.

There are five levels. Once a level is completed, you cannot revisit it, until the assault run is reset. You also cannot start a new level, until the previous is completed.
When you have completed a level, you should click on the reward icon, between the completed level and the next one.
Each level is made up in the same manner:
– There are three huge waves of enemies.
– After each of these you will meet a miniboss
– After the third miniboss there is a boss.
– The boss is in order for the five assault levels: Gunhead, Red Queen, Doom, Rapier and Hammer
– Doom will release a repair kit, the only for entire assault.

You have to prepare for everything, and you will have to pack wisely, as you cannot change anything, once you have saved your squad. You will encounter, long waves, minibosses and big bosses, so you kind of have to have everything: armor, power, screen clearing and boss killing.
For starters: Just pick your favorite/best developed planes. We recommend that you put your best planes toward the end of the list of planes. But you should keep one or two good boss killers at the bottom of the list.
Strategically, evolve several planes at the same time, rather then rushing ahead with just one. Four equally but less developed planes, will help you a lot more than one really good.
An early squad with a good chance of taking you through the entire assault would be Laserbite, Blitzer, Flamer, Greataxe, Katyusha, Buzzsaw. But of course the other planes also can get you through it.
Brobots… Well this is a science:
As always, take a speedbot. Menace is almost the obvious choice here, in the beginning of the game, as you likely get it pretty early. Also it packs repairing, when evolved to A and armor when evolved to S. The screen clearing is good, and it does some decent damage to bosses. Otherwise Hazard is a speedbot with a very nice 20 % increase in damage dealt to bosses – this is very noticeable and helpful.
Musketeer can be tempting as it has a long screen clearing, and you can evolve it early. But it will not help you very much against bosses.
Instead we would recommend one of Beetle, Hornet, Nayad or Nicola XXS. All are excellent boss killers – try around and compare the perks.

You receive coins for downed enemies as usual. Also, there are some stationary credits after each miniboss.
The main thing though is the goodies received after each completed level:

  • First level, Gun Head, will give 5000 credits and 16 crystals.
  • Second level, Red queen, will give 8000 credits and 20 crystals.
  • Third level, Doom, will give 10000 credits and 25 crystals.
  • Fourth level, Rapier, will give 15000 credits and 30 crystals.
  • Fifth level, Hammer, will give 20000 credits and 40 crystals.

Also, each completed level will give you 3 brobot cards: Always the same brobot during the entire three day cycle. The brobots are: Cetus, Scarab, Squire and a couple of more?

For a fully completed assault run you will get a total of 15 brobot card, 58 000 credits and best of all 131 crystals.

7 thoughts on “Old Assault – Removed”

  1. After completing a level and BEFORE opening the reward you CAN revisit last stage.
    So if you lost to many planes in one of the levels, for 20 verdium you can replay the level and hope for less planes lost. Only thing to do is not to click the reward.
    I did it sometimes when i lost a good plane on a mine.

  2. Sadly, In recent update, they removed Assault mode from game, so from now on, (except heroic missions gems) it will be very hard to earn gems (hardly 20-30 a day), and credits.

  3. Support told me it would be coming back. I’m really regretting those times I didn’t spend farming here! This may make the game much less fun, as we will be starved for gems. :-\

    nice! swedish captcha

  4. “Support told me Assault mode will come back” – I think that’s crap…They will never add it again to the game…Why remove it in the first place, if u want to add it later?? I think this game is extremely expensive…For example, to get the 15k gems pack, i have to pay in our money, a half of my wife’s month salary…Which I’ll never do, of course… Assault mode was the only way to earn for free some gems, even if we had to play the same boring missions all over every week.

  5. Assault mode is reintroduced and reworked after 1.8 update. It has 7 stages, with new bosses, i played it yesterday, i liked it. Unfortunately the rewards are not gems and credits like before, but some sort of medals, like in Trials, which can be used to buy cards for planes and brobots; and in addition, a new feature – Ace badges – which can be collected to customize the looks of your plane. Sadly, it takes a very long time to customize a plane for free (months, perhaps). Not all planes have aces customizations available for now, only Sparrow, Flamer and Laserbite (a least in my hangar). Maybe in time, we’ll see the feature available to other planes.

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