Of course bugs should be reported to the developers – this is done from menu in the game.

But you can also post them here. Then more people can verify or find workarounds, and multiple reporting of the same bug can be avoided.

Wrong number of bropoints displayed before staring a game.
On some levels, you will get the idea that you will earn a lot more bropoints, than actually the case.
This seems corrected by version 1.6.0

Not able to access devices i Black Box
“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.” When having an active assault running, you cannot access the devices equipped. Good, we understand that.
But when you have completed the entire assault – then the devices should be free to access in Black Box.


13 thoughts on “Bugs”

  1. There are lack when playing Avenger. Other planes are ok.
    – Nexus 6p
    – Avenger level: 39
    – Combat test (next to 136), should also happen in other level.

  2. Game crashes after new patch was installed on my Nvidia shield pad. It is happening once or twice when trying cooperative mode. I’m loosing my verdium !!!!!!!

  3. The latest Christmas patch fukk’d up the UI pretty bad. Now all the navigation bars are covering the UI making the game frustratingly unusable.

    I have an iPhone 8 Plus.

  4. So the SSS rank ability on the planes is quite awesome, however taking dmg on this shield does not seems to trigger the S rank skill which gives some bonus dmg after receiving 400 dmg. Any chace this can be changed to it trigers when you receive dmg on shield( the SSS rank skill)?
    Not sure if this is a bug so posted in the development suggestion section as well.

  5. Yeah, that would be kind of ideal. But perhaps that would make it too easy to play with Gambit? After update 1.9.1 it seems like the counter is trigger a bit more often?

  6. Has anyone else ran into an issue with arcade mode where enemies stop appearing and the screen simply keeps scrolling nonstop? If so, how to fix this?

  7. Since a couple of updates back, I am now unable to advance in any of the tiered events. I remain stuck at the first level, even though I have completed the stage, I never progress to the second. And that happens to all progressive events, assault climb etc

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