Planes: General Info

All planes are purchased, ranked and leveled up like this:

  • planes (except Sparrow) must be purchased for credits or crystals
  • planes (except Laserbite) becomes available for purchase after a certain level is completed
  • planes go for a 40 % sale every once in a while, but the sale is only for crystals
  • initial level of plane is always 1
  • max level is 140 (currently at least)
  • you level up by paying credits. At first small amounts, but then larger and larger amounts.
  • you can also level up for crystals
  • the planes also have a rank C (lowest), B, A, S and SS (currently highest)
  • the planes have different initial rank (but always initial level 1)
  • you will collect plane cards to evolve the rank of the plane
  • rank C has top level 40, B top level 60, A top level 80, S top level 100, and SS top level 140
  • you can raise the rank, without having reached top level of previous rank. (This should mean that you can have a rank SS plane of level 1.)
  • rank C to B requires 80 cards, and then 100 crystals
  • rank B to A requires 160 cards, and then 200 crystals
  • rank A to S requires 240 cards, and then 300 crystals
  • rank S to SS requires 320 cards, and a whopping 800 crystals

Evolvement of rank is often a great increase in armor, power, overdrive and also perks. Each level increase is of lesser significance. We recommend that you rank up your favorite planes as soon as you can, but that you level up sparingly. Except for ranking up from S to SS: that is just luxury considering the cost.

We also recommend that you never use crystals to increase the level of the plane. Save the crystals for things not possible to purchase with crystals, like ranking up.

It is in most situations better strategy to level up and rank up several planes, rather than just go for one or two: This will make it easier to win the entire assault. You will be able to pass all 30 bosses in assault if you develop 6 planes in parallell, rather than maxing one plane at the time. And assault is the main key to gain more crystals.

Finally: Consider better your devices instead of blindly level up your planes. Getting better devices will affect all your planes.

13 thoughts on “Planes: General Info”

    1. Which of the planes that appear in the Broshop is not connected to which planes you have as favorites.
      You can mark a plane as favorite if you push the upgrade button of the plane, but the only effect this will have, is to put a little star next to the plane cards when they appear in the different shops.
      The different planes appear in different shops: You will find some plane cards in Broshop (Gambit, Blitzer, etc), some in Trial Shop (Dragon, Phoenixs), etc and some in Assault Shop (Wraith, Laserbite, etc). There is some overlap though, and I think all planes appear in Contraband shop. But marking a plane as favorite will not change this – at least not as I have noted.

  1. I see you have Sniper on sale for 40%. How is the sale price calculated? If the origional price is 2000 crystals, 40% off of 2000 should be 1200 as a price, not the 1680 displayed.

    1. Currently I run Buzzsaw, Legatus and Hazard. All at 200.
      With two speedbots you can spam constantly with Brbobot OD. Legatus OD is total screenclear.
      With Legatus you also get frequent invincibilty.
      Buzzsaw’s OD is one of the best.
      Hazard will reduce ace’s strength significantly and you get some armor restore.
      I pair this with VII devices:
      Seraph Generators for extra OD power.
      Ion and Seraph Armor for armor regeneration.
      Heat Visor Targeting for increased power when hit. Which you almost constantly will be in e.g. Team Up.

  2. Question:

    I got laserbite to rank S, but still, three laser cannons and overall it seems underpowered, does anybody have a clue on a why this could be happening?

    1. Sorry, don’t remember when lb gets the multiple lasers. Think it is at S. Possibly you have to bring it to 100…? Also note that an S plane will feel weak compared to SS and SSS planes if you already have any of those.

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