Level 120 Complete Walkthrough

This is the complete walkthrough. There is also an overview of Level 120, with more advice.

Video: Heroic Solo
Buzzsaw A, Scarab S, Legatus S
4 minutes 21 seconds


Your ship will alternate between moving and stationary phases. During stationary phases the main, insect like boss will appear, but not taking any damage or shooting anything until the last phase.

Phase 1: Moving
A couple of boxes to break, a few turrets and a wave of ordinary planes. If you have fast reloading brobots, you can use one special to clear screen.

Phase 2: Stationary
The first stationary turret complex. One brobot special should kill most of the cannons. Kill the rest with your main guns.

Phase 3: Moving
The first really difficult hurdle, where you see a lot of planes going down when playing in coop. A massive onslaught of missiles will rain down on you from the front, while also missiles will come from left and right, and finally you will have a turret shooting at you from the left.
Keep to the bottom of the screen, and just avoid being hit by a missile.
Or spend a really good brobot clear screen special, like Legatus. Or even use a overdrive to stay invincible for a few seconds if you really struggle.
When the missiles have passed, there will be a few boxes in the snow to the left. One of these contains an overdrive on Easy and Normal.

Phase 4: Stationary
The first turret complex of a few, where the guns are protected by a force field. Ordinary bullets cannot pass the force field though some specials and overdrives can.
You can either kill the power station placed outside(!) the forcefield, thus killing the force field and exposing the turrets. Or do as in the video above and use a Scarab bomb to land between the turret and the power station, almost killing both.
Two helicopters will appear at the end of the phase.

Phase 5: Moving
You will fly past six turrets shooting wildly. With good timing you can kill all by brobot special.

Phase 6: Stationary
Much like Phase 4, only there are two power stations (Yes, still outside the force field. They really should find new contractors.)
Relying on brobot specials, as in the video, you will likely have to spend two.

Phase 7: Stationary
You will move directly on to the next stationary phase. Almost ten helicopters will appear, but it is important that you pay attention to the single, heavy hitting tank appearing from the top right. It moves extremely fast and does really bad damage. You have to make this a priority – either by avoid the bullets or killing it.
With the tank and the ‘copters gone, some kind of large hover craft will take off. It will fire heavily from close range. This is a good spot to consider using an overdrive to save health.

Phase 8: Moving
Now real hell breaks loose. You will move through a complex of heavy hitting laser beams, two from left and two from right, and they will also reflect. In addition the main boss will be shooting large glowing daggers, and a few missiles will launch from the top of the screen.

 When you have passed the four turrets, the insect boss will also start shooting reflecting lasers beams, if there were any turrets left alive behind you, these will shoot too. And finally a turret will start firing from the top of the complex. 

There several ways to pass this (even if you do not posses super human mobile gaming skills). We have found it easiest to spend one brobot special each on the both pairs of laser firing turrets. When the insect boss appears, either fire an overdrive, or simpler still – fly to the top of the screen. Nothing will hit you there.

Phase 9: Stationary
Almost a duplicate of Phase 7, with an additional two small turrets on either side.

Phase 10: Moving
Finally a breather before the final battle.
Several boxes will appear. One to the right is an overdrive, and one to the left is a much needed armor restore.
An onslaught of regular ships will come down on you, but just keeping a straight line will clear a path for you.

Phase 11: Stationary
Red Queen will now appear. Luckily, because in front of you is a dense force field, this time without any power station outside it (guess the engineers got it right?). Red Queen will not hurt you, but will make a Kamikaze right into the force field, clearing it for you.
A multitude of nastiness will rain down on you. Just keep firing specials and overdrives.
Be aware of several things:

  • When the boss goes down, it will fire wildly around. It is perfectly possible to stay clear, but consider saving a 240-credits overdrive for this moment. This is not a fun spot to die…
  • If you take a long time killing the boss, more nastiness will of course appear. (As if you need motivation to kill it fast…)
  • Beware of everything, but the ice particles will freeze all your systems.
  • There is sometimes a lag: When you have killed everything, up to a minute will pass, before you are declared victorious.





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