Scarab (V)

Initial Rank: ?

Quality: Rage
Level 100: ?

Special Power: Shockwave – Fires a large bomb (Beagle Boys style – a black sphere with a burning fuse) .
Level 100: ?

Rank A Ability: Gathers additional loot after defeating an ace.
Rank S Ability: Once a mission neutralizes lethal damage, restoring 20% armor.

Scarab is fun, but can be annoying. There is huge satisfaction in timing the landing of a bomb right on the deck of Gun Head, Hammer, or one the stations in level 100 or 120. The damage done i very good, often killing off whatever you have in front of you in one blow. On the other hand – if you time your launch incorrectly, little damage is done.

You have to practice: Take note where the bomb lands depending on your position when launching it. Note also that there is a considerable delay between launch and impact. Finally pay attention to your enemy, so you land the bomb where the target will be.

Against waves, the special does good damage, but is impractical as you have to wait for the screen clearing effect. Also you need to aim so the bomb lands pretty much in the middle of the screen. In description it says, that the special clears away all non-ace enemies, which is not true.

Main gun seems to be one of the best.

The A rank ability we can do without, but the S rank ability is very good, especially so in Patrol missions, where you have no guns to rely on, and most of us just won’t clear those missions without a few extra lives. Pair with Kraken and Phoenix to stack several extra lives.

In action:

Level 160 Badger
Laserbite SS 140
Legatus S 100
Scarab SS 101

Level 160 Badger
Pulsar 50
Legatus S 100
Scarab SS 101

Video Level 150 Heroic
Gambit SS Scarab S Legatus S

Level 150 Normal
Gambit SS Scarab S Legatus S

Level 141 Easy
Sparrow A Scarab S Legatus S

Level 140 Heroic
Avenger 50 A Scarab S Legatus S


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