I’m new to the game – what should I make a priority?

This is a very brief Beginner’s guide:

  • Of course go through the levels in story, play arcade, assault, and trials. As you go, upgrade and buy planes, brobots and devices.
  • Do not put too much effort into upgrading Sparrow and Musketeer.
  • Rather collect several planes, and upgrade them equally. This will help when you can conquer the entire assault more easily, and have better backup planes.
  • Make Laserbite a priority: It is a plane you can use throughout the game.
  • Make Menace a priority: it is likely your first brobot which will increase reload speed.
  • Get Phoenix: It carries an extra life, which is helpful in Patrol Missions.
  • Pay monthly for VIP. Of course a lot of people will not want to do that, and that is perfectly alright. But if you can spare the money, we think it is good value. (We are not affiliated with the developers of the game, and get no kickback etc.)
  • Make Assault a priority: It is 5 levels, which you can play (one run first day, no run second day, two runs third day – then it is reset). You can try as many times as you want and have verdium for. If you beat all 5 levels you will earn 15 brobot cards, 58 000 credits and 131 crystals. You will not pass the entire Assault the first times you try, but the sooner you start beating it, the more you will earn.
  • Get far in Arcade. When you have reached a good couple of levels into Arcade (ca level 10 – 20) before you die, start paying 5 crystals for “Saved stage”, and you will continue from the level you’ve reached as farthest so far. Arcade is for farming experience point needed to upgrade your brobots. Play arcade with the brobots you want to upgrade.
  • Be cautious spending crystals, until you start appreciating what things are worth, what to make a priority, etc. Crystals is the commodity which is most difficult to get.
  • Start developing devices early. If you make your devices better, all your planes will benefit from this.

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